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About Kent Mammal Group

The Kent Mammal Group was formed in 1997 - it has straightforward yet important aims: To raise awareness of the plight of the County's mammals, promote recording and study of mammals in Kent, help to conserve mammals and to provide a forum for those interested in wild mammals.

Membership of the Group offers an enjoyable approach to conservation and recording which appeals to people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Yes, there are academics and professional ecologists, but there are also many members who come from all walks of life and all ages, and simply have a soft spot for mammals, and enjoy the keen observation and detective work that can be linked to a walk in the country. This includes young people who are keen to find out more about local mammals and their place in the wider fauna and flora of the County. So, if you are interested come along to one of our events and be assured of a warm and enthusiastic welcome.

If you have a fascination for a specific species, or a particular area of the County, that is even better. The Group is always looking to expand its range of expertise and knowledge of habitats. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert. Part of the fun of belonging to the Group is to learn as you go. This can happen informally or by attending the training courses that the Group provides.

Kent Mammal Group is always looking to work in partnership with other organisations – not just those with similar aims, but also others as diverse as the Church of England and the Ministry of Defence. Support for projects has been received from the BBC Wildlife Fund and Awards for All. The Group associates closely with the professionals at Wildwood Trust who are based in Kent but are promoting conservation measures for all British mammal species.

Whether it is the small creatures that inhabit the hedge at the bottom of your garden – or the big marine mammals that live off our coast – they all need support as our local environment is increasingly threatened. You can help provide that support by joining Kent Mammal Group.

Ian Gray
Kent Mammal Group

Make a Donation

The KMG is happy to receive either a general donation, or one directed towards our voluntary survey work, which we regularly carry out with our members. Training courses are an important element in using our members for any surveys we are involved in.so any financial support is valued.

Our bank details are:- NatWest Account number is 16380673 and Sort code is 557013


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