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SeaWatch's annual Whale and Dolphin Watch 

Fri 27 Jul 2012 08.00 h - 10.00 h
Outdoor Event
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Activity Description:

This is part of SeaWatch's annual Whale and Dolphin Watch that in the last 8 years we have carried out 4 times in Kent (sort of on a rough biannual basis). The Watch is from near the bird hide on the beach just down from the old lighthouse (on the power station boundary).

Normally there are two or three of us at any one time and its just a rather nice morning with breakfast afterwards at the cafe (if open!). Three of the four watches I've run have been here and we have had at least one Harbour Porpoise on each survey.

Its all very informal - be happy to see folks for 10mins or the whole 2 hrs. Just bring binoculars if you have 'em.

Jon Bramley

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